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A little information about some of our latest technology

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We now have a Zirkonzahn Milling Machine. Look at the video clip below for more information.

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 In addition, here is further information about the system:

Cementation of a Zirconia crown (pdf)

Flexural strength test of Prettau anterior (pdf)

Zirkonzahn Zirconia information

Some features of our Zirconia restorations:

  • extremely translucent due to the optimised microstructure of the zirconia
  • perfect for single crowns, onlays, inlays, veneers and can be used to make bridges up to 3-units in size
  • can be made fully contoured or as reduced structures with ceramic layers built on top
  • they have a high flexural strength (up to 670Mpa measured by the University of Pennysylvania)
  • they avoid ceramic chipping and abrasion of the antagonist tooth
  • ideal alternative to lithium disilicate
  • particularly suited for anterior restorations, but also works extremely well for posterior restorations

Titanium implants and custom abutments:

  • Our Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM milling machine enables us to design titanium abutments with custom emergence profiles for each individual case.
  • Titanium is highly biocompatible. The gingiva will attach to the titanium, forming a biological seal between the oral environment and the implant, preventing microbial invasion, gingival recession and any resulting infection.
  • We can use titanium to make restorations ranging from an implant-based single tooth to occlusally screwed full-arch zirconia bridges.

Zirconia abutments:

  • Extraordinary cosmetic qualities-especially good for anterior restorations because the zirconia abutment can be made the same shade as the tooth.
  • No grey edges if the gums recede
  • Personalised emergence profile
  • High biocompatibility

Zirkonzahn image showing zirconia abutment useView in full screen.

Vita shade taking guide

Vita Shade-taking guide - how to check shades using the Vita system for a more logical and realistic shade determination